Price:  $144


Explore the inner frontiers of consciousness, transforming & transmuting

that which causes stress and suffering in life

into the authentic you, the one that is free to shine the inner Light.


-14 Lessons with Meditative-Activations up the Chakras

-Experience the Field of All Possibility Emerging Through You

-Increase Clairvoyance & Field of Perception

-Heighten the energetic effects by participating with a group! 

-2 lessons per month for 7 months 

-Each activation is an energy-healing session 

-The Course is the 1st step in becoming a practitioner

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All 14 Classes Online



*All 14 Classes Online


*2 Training Sessions Online




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Lesson 2 


Check out this 1st-chakra yoga practice from Sedona with Kirstyn LazurKirstyn Chakra 1


 Lesson 3


          OF THE SELF

 Lesson 4


Check out this 2nd-chakra yoga practice from               Sedona with Kirstyn Lazur 



        Self-Identity and Ego

Lesson 6

Surrender the Old Self 

Check out this 3rd-chakra yoga practice from               Sedona with Kirstyn Lazur


 Lesson 7



                 DIVINE LOVE

 Check out this 4th-chakra/Heart & Breath yoga practice from Sedona with Kirstyn Lazur 

 Kirstyn Chakra 4


Lesson 9


Lesson 10


 Check out this 5th-chakra/Communication movement from Sedona with Kirstyn Lazur 


Chakra 5 movement from Sedona, Arizona






Kirstyn Chakra 6




Kirstyn Chakra 

 Creating Forward includes 14 lessons on connecting with the Divine principle of our being. Each lesson is an activation of our inherent consciousness, which is radiant, free, abundant and complete. Lessons are not to be studied, but simply experienced through listening, as they speak to the soul. Each lesson resonates to a chakra and there are two lessons for each chakra. Each lesson ends with a meditation and at least one assignment before proceeding to the next lesson.

You receive 2 lessons per month for a total of 7 months/14 lessons. The lessons are to be completed in order and adequate time is needed after each activation to process the energies, as this is the reason for only 2 activations/lessons per month. Any requests for additional time with a set of lessons is always granted, as everyone processes the energies differently. Once you have finished a set of lessons, those will not be accessible to you again. However, you can purchase the entire set as MP3s or CDs to complete as you desire. This set is gifted to every Practitioner after they have completed the training.

Listen to Lesson #1 for free!

Creating Forward is a course on discovering your most authentic self, your unique imprint of the Divine. That imprint is pulling us forward and when we resist it, exceptional challenges are created so that we will face what is not us. When we face this resistance, the shadow of lack and fear in the consciousness around humanity, we dissolve it so that we are aligned to that which is pulling us forward into a life of peace, prosperity and freedom. This process helps heal addictions, traumas held in the body, relationships and simply life itself. 

Michelle Faith Lucas is the author of this material, all based on her 1999 near-death-experience and multiple contacts with spiritual masters that have provided this course. Michelle is a medical intuitor and has been a Traditional and Karuna® Reiki Master since the earl 1990's. She is an author and inspirational speaker bringing together the base of all healing, the alignment with soul-purpose and the healing of the collective soul.


The Creating Forward process does not require touch or in-person sessions. Practitioners can offer this online, over the phone and to groups with just as much impact as an in-person session. 

Creating Forward is multi-dimensional and can be experienced through one simple consciousness shift. That shift is often very similar for people and is why doing a group session, workshop or event, can make a powerful shift for many as many are tapping into the power of the Divine imprints at once.  Collectively we can have a powerful and permanent shift as we dissolve lies and fears that have been given to us together and then co-create together from the power of our Spirits.
Creating Forward is based on the understanding that our Divine imprints pull us forward simultaneous with an inner desire to heal our souls. Most all humans have healing as part of their purpose. Collectively, we are healing the shadow of consciousness around humanity. Combining this pulling, with the inner healing needed and then a commitment from the mind means a solid and conscious life moving forward.  Creating Forward is a raising of awareness on our energy fields and what we have created in the astral plane around us so we me remove it and heal ourselves.

The course can be understood through the Creating Forward books, the first to be released before summer of 2020, the workbooks, or through taking the workshops. Events are designed to get the spirits of all present engaged in a process of bursting through a shadow-component that has been holding the collective back and can bring a spiritual surge to the participants.

Creating Forward can be experienced as an awareness on the consciousness that is held in the body, mind, emotions and soul that keep us from our most authentic selves, which is our most whole and powerful self. Michelle began teaching classes on heightened awareness, healing and psychic development in the early 1990's and provides the understanding of Grace from Jesus, the Inner Fire from Lao Tsu, Self-Containment from ancient Egyptian masters, Healing from Lemurian masters and even Light Body creation from beings of the future. All came together in Michelle's 1999 near death experience, where the Creating Forward material was given to her.  Everything that Michelle teaches and offers is in the essence of bringing the soul completely into the body. This is where all healing and freedom is born. It is true love and it is what attracts true love and freedom from suffering in life.

Creating Forward is a process, one that is multi-dimensional, because we are multi-dimensional beings.  Therefore, there are no steps. It is simply an awareness of a myriad of of parts of yourself that you are unconsciously healing. Such an awareness brings the healing and evolving process into the consciousness so that you realize how important you and your journey are. You  begin re-embodying your soul; and therefore, a multiverse is then available to you where you can claim your voice, your authenticity, your power and your unique journey as your legacy.

Read Michelle's Blog on her author site:


Michelle is also a part of Sedona Soul Healers, offering personal Reiki and Medical-Intuition sessions in Sedona, Arizona:

 Click on the image below to hear an interview with Michelle Faith Lucas by TruthSeekah


There are currently no known cases of coronavirus, aka Covid-19, in Sedona, Arizona. A lovely aspect of this course is that you can take it from home and even become a practitioner from home, without worrying about travel.


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