In-person events are currently on hold until 2022 due to the pandemic.

Holding a seat for the February 2022 event is available for free.


                  Every Journey is a Chance to Embody Love










February 2022



  • Your Journey, Your Power, Your Chance to Make a Change
  • What it Means to Embody Love & how it relates to ascension
  • Integrating Your Soul-Purpose into Your Daily Work
  • Your Memoir = Your Legacy
  • Learn about your Soul-Journey
  • Leave Your Legacy


Healing &


Private Events

                                                                   (via Zoom only until further notice)



Challenges are merely

birthing pains as the unique & Divine

Being that you are, is pulling the real you

through walls of resistance from a myriad

of lifetimes. 


Learn how to step out of the way and own your powerful, authentic self.


  • Get in touch with your authentic self & your spirit-help 
  • Recieve messages from guides
  • Own your inner power
  • Face the lies that humanity has exacted that are holding you back
  • Be inspired, have fun & love

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