Creating Forward is based on the concept that we have something pulling us forward, our souls. Combining this pulling, with the inner healing needed and then a commitment from the mind means a solid and conscious life moving forward.  Creating Forward is a raising of awareness on our energy fields and what we have created in the astral plane around us so we me remove it and heal ourselves. Creating Forward can be experienced than awareness on the consciousness that is held in the body, mind, emotions and soul that keep us from our most authentic selves, which is our most whole and powerful self. I began teaching classes on heightened awareness, healing and psychic development over 25 years ago. I have had an enormous amount of contacts with Masters starting at a very early age. I have been given training by beings such as Lao Tsu and what people consider Egyptian Gods. Yet, nothing was like my 1999 near death experience, which I write about in detail in the 1st Creating Forward book.  Everything that I teach, do and offer to others is in the essence of bringing the soul completely into the body. This is where all healing and freedom is born. It is true love and it is what attracts true love and freedom from suffering in life.

Creating Forward is a process, one that is multi-dimensional, because we are multi-dimensional beings.  Therefore, there are no steps. It is simply an awareness of a myriad of of parts of yourself that you are unconsciously healing. Such an awareness brings the healing and evolving process into the consciousness so that you realize how important you and your journey are. You  begin re-embodying your soul; and therefore, a multiverse is then available to you where you can claim your voice, your authenticity, your power and your unique journey as your legacy.



I offer private Creating Forward sessions and highly recommend the group sessions, as group healing brings a vast amount of power into the session.


To request a private session, please e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All sessions are done in Sedona, Arizona and cost $300 for a 4-hour private workshop, which includes psychic-intuitive counseling and energy balancing.



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You can see by the picture that one of the things that Michelle loves to do is a Sacred Mask Ceremony where individuals find the mask that is a reflection of their powerful soul being born in this moment, assisting them in the direction in which to focus for success, freedom and love.