These books are for healing, getting in touch with the soul, inspiration

and education on the effects of consciousness from

the body, mind and the human-collective.



Creative Non-Fiction


Memoirs with Fiction






The Elephants Never Lie trilogy contains the true stories of

3 different women and their emergence from a

darkness that was sustained within the consciousness

of their families but bred from former lives and

suffering held within the collective unconscious.

They are published as fictions due to the inability to

verify past-life knowledge.

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 The premise of the Creating Forward series is that we

exist as consciousness on many levels of our being,

beginning with our bodies, as they hold memories from

the present lifetime, from the family many generations

prior, and even from other experiences of the soul.

Many people don't understand that the suffering they

are experiencing is from these unconscious memories

and that these 'memories' attract similar vibrations,

similar trying experiences. Creating Forward is about

healing these memories and returning to pure

consciousness. You can also try the COURSE


Elephants Never Lie


Amazon Best-Seller in Women's Spirituality


*****"Love this book. It will change lives!"

*****"Amazingly Captivating!"

*****"Life's lessons hidden in a great story."

*****"A brave & revealing personal journey."  



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Publication Date: Autumn 2020




"...a feast to anyone who truly wants to explore their true selves"

"Michelle swiftly guides us deep within ourselves, propelling us into the vast timeless universe where there is endless discovery."

- Participants in a Creating Forward Seminar




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Publication:  2021

Holly's Story


 The Creating Forward Series 

* In Every Soul is a Song

* The Creating Forward Workbook

* You are the Journey

Publishing beginning October 2020



 Publications: 2020

Renee's Story

 3 Books to Inspire, Awaken & 

Empower the Dreams of Your Soul 

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The Irene Series

by Albert Wessel

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Irene 3 Front Cover2