A Course In Consciousness Online Healing Course

Explore the inner frontiers of consciousness, transforming & transmuting that which causes stress and suffering in life into the authentic you.

A Course In Consciousness is 14 lessons with deep and guided meditation to shift from searching from unhappiness to reaching out from joy.

Each meditation is an activation of higher consciousness that increases psychic abilities and our fields of perception.

Benefits from the course are awakenings on where hindering life patterns have begun; and often, when our minds become aware the painful events stop.

This is a great course for those seeking deep insight into the nature of their soul, higher awareness, healing potential, consciousness, or wanting to increase their healing tools such as with Reiki. When we attune each dimension of our being, of which there are many, from physical and emotional up through our commanding higher selves, to the higher consciousness from which we came, the dimensions of our being start vibrating to that higher truth, which is the source of healing.

Each course has been channeled and you can read more about this by clicking the 'read more' button below.

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Enroll in A Course In Consciousness  $144

  • 14 Classes with Meditative-Activations up the Chakras
  • Experience the Field of All Possibility Emerging Through You
  • Increase Clairvoyance & Field of Perception
  • Heighten the Energetic Effects by Participating in a Group!
  • Each Activation is an Energy-Healing Session
  • Download link sent to your e-mail
  • Personal 30-min Q&A session at beginning of course

 Learn about A Course In Consciousness Coaching, which includes multiple psychic readings, by clicking 'read more' below.


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"My experience with Michelle Lucas is one of awe. She has an innate wisdom that she seems to access effortlessly. Michelle swiftly guides us deep within ourselves, propelling us into the vast timeless universe where there is endless discovery. Discovery of self, purpose, intention, the Divine. I have never experienced a process so complex, easy and immediate, all at once. Michelle is a genius in our world."

Geri Whaley, PhD
Entrepreneur, Psychologist


"The Creating Forward workshops are truly revolutionary. The experience reached into my heart and confirmed what I already knew in my deepest and wisest self. This workshop series is not an intellectual exercise, but takes you directly into the reality of what is possible. There are no superlatives that fully express what Michelle has done. All I can say is, Thank You Michelle!"

Bruce Davis
Japanese Reiki Sensei and Practitioner, Cincinnati, OH

Sedona, Arizona
 " Michelle is an amazing woman who speaks from her heart (and soul) and is passionate about helping people find their true path and purpose. She is down to earth, open, compassionate and a tireless crusader in her spiritual journey uplifting others along the way.  Her retreats are a work of passion and a feast to anyone who truly wants to explore their true selves.  She keeps the group small so that there is individual attention and time for each one.  She chooses the most sacred and powerful energy vortexes in magical Sedona to enable the participants to experience the high frequency vibration and energy.  The retreats are designed to give enough time for guided facilitation as well as self reflection.  She also has the innate ability to identify and bring together other amazing healers so that all modalitites of healing and nourishment to the soul can be experienced in a holistic way.  It is a blessing and an honor to be guided and work with Michelle and I can say from my personal experience that there is a definite shift and transformation as well as greater clarity in my life.  This is once in a lifetime experience and I highly recommend it to all no matter where you are at." 

-Hema  Subrahmanyam   Vancouver, Canada

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