Explore the inner frontiers of consciousness, transforming & transmuting that which causes stress and suffering in life into the authentic you.

A Course In Consciousness is 14 lessons with deep and guided meditation to shift from searching from unhappiness to reaching out from joy.

Each meditation is an activation of higher consciousness that increases psychic abilities and our fields of perception.

Benefits from the course are awakenings on where hindering life patterns have begun; and often, when our minds become aware the painful events stop.

This is a great course for those seeking deep insight into the nature of their soul, higher awareness, healing potential, consciousness, or wanting to increase their healing tools such as with Reiki. When we attune each dimension of our being, of which there are many, from physical and emotional up through our commanding higher selves, to the higher consciousness from which we came, the dimensions of our being start vibrating to that higher truth, which is the source of healing.

Each course has been channeled and you can read more about this by clicking the 'read more' button below.  CLICK HERE FOR TOOLS

 I have worked with the Masters of Light my entire life although I didn't begin understanding them or who they were until my 20's. I became a Reiki Master, taught psychic development, and gave channeled messages from these Masters of Light. Over decades they have given me this course and have explained to me that the Bhagavad Gita, Hindu Scripture called 'The Song of God', is an activation tool for higher consciousness. By invoking the song of God within our consciousness we begin remembering the powerful beings that we truly are. We begin waking up to our purpose, our paths, true acceptance, and higher grace. A Course In Consciousness is a song of higher consciousness that I do not teach from my mind but is always channeled through me. I have the gift of healing with my voice and have made this course an integration of all the healing that has been taught to me by the Masters of Light for the beautiful souls on Earth looking for a shift in life.