Take your Light out into the world by being a Creating Forward Practitioner!

You will assist in the shifts in consciousness that will ultimately deliver people out of suffering and into freedom, radiance, love & completion! This is done as distance healing, group therapy and one-on-one healing.



What will I do as a practitioner?

What does training involve?


How much does it cost?


Become a Creating Forward Practitioner Online!

Special Offer through June 2020!

Practitioner Private Certification:  $489  now only: $292

Savings of $197 and you get personalized training online!!Opt for the final classes to be held in Sedona, Arizona for a total fee $492

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Practitioners work at a distance with people through directing

pure consciousness and prana while the receipient actually

interacts with the process, unlike a distance-healing session

with Reiki where the receipient is in the process of only receiving.

This can also be done in a group setting, which is amazingly

more powerful as many people resonate with the life-force energies simultaneously.

Dwelling Place of the Self
 Healing Journey with Michelle Sedona


* Complete 14-lesson Course in 7 or more months (at your speed)

* Complete 7- 30 minute training sessions via Zoom with Michelle,

each session done after completion of a set of lessons.

* Take final Practitioner Training online or in-person in Sedona, Arizona.

Each lesson is 4 hours long, with which you will receive the workbook and learn the interactive aspects of clairvoyancy as a facilitator.

* Upon completion of the above, you receive your Creating Forward Practitioner Certification



Online training is available for the entire course.

This modality is extremely easy to do with others.

This modality is exponentially more powerful with groups and can be very helpful to those recovery groups open to a large shift in consciousness.

Everyone responds to this differently, dependent upon what they are ready to heal and how much they are willing to receive. 

This course directly interacts with a healing of the shadow; and therefore, the consciousness that has created the shadow is often made aware to the individual, and is easily transformed into Light, as long as the recipient is willing and ready. 

This course has a money-back guarantee after the 2nd month. Therefore, if you are disatisfied for any reason after taking the first 4-lessons, you get 100% of your money back, no questions asked. After that, there is a 30% refund given in the case of extraordinary or emergency circumstances such that the person does not attend the final practitioner training. In the case of any refunds, no certification is granted.

You do not need former training in spiritual arts and healing such as Reiki, but it does help

You can receive Traditional or Karuna Reiki training from me at an additional time and cost.