Truly Healing

I absolutely love the Creating Forward Activations. These activations have been transformational for me.  On more than one occasion, I have felt like the activation was geared specifically towards me and whatever problem I had at the time.  There were a couple of times specifically that I came to an activation with a heavy heart or a big emotional burden of some kind and left the activation feeling immense love and peace. I would highly recommend Michelle and the Creating Forward Activations to anyone!  They are truly, truly healing. 

Erin P.

Made me aware of another world

I have known Michelle for about 20 years. I have attended classes and learned so much with her. Michelle taught me how to recognize my spirit guides. I met 2 of them in a meditation class and another one in a dream. She has made me aware of another world. Thank you so much, looking forward to many more years of walking the spiritual path with you.


Incredibly powerful!

"Michelle, Incredibly powerful! I didn't always know or understand from the start of our sessions what we were going to be doing - or how the events would unfold. I can however say each and every exercise was a gift of power which you helped us to seamlessly integrate into the fiber of ourselves. Many thanks!! Light & Love" 

Joanie Brooks


"The messages and healing that Michelle has worked so hard to impart to us has been wonderful. The activities of the week have been varied and there was something for everyone. "

Jane Carroll

Amazing Experience!

"Creating Forward with Michelle Lucas has been an amazing experience! In our first Creating Forward Activation, we began working on the Root Chakra.  Michelle walked me through a painful experience, with plenty of emotional baggage, that I had been hanging on to for years. After attending this activation, it felt like the blocked energy from this baggage that had weighed me down was released! I received back my freedom, became grounded and live life again! Thank you Michelle"

Tina Harrington


I cannot recommend this program any higher

For Creating Your Master Path:  "I cannot recommend this program any higher. I moved more towards my authentic self in one week than I otherwise would have in months or years. There is a wonderful variety of events that worked on different parts of the soul. From working with amazing empathic horses to activations in some of the beautiful power zones in Sedona, to Sufi dance and release techniques, everything was skillfully done by an experienced team of empaths."

Gabriel King

No testimonial can possibly describe what you have done for me

"Dear Michelle, You have somehow, against all odds and over a period of two and a half years, managed to roll away that stone that was blocking entry to my heart.  No testimonial can possibly describe what you have done for me but  assure you that it has not gone unnoticed and it is indeed a matter of record in the cosmic computer. May you continue to express the joy of your soul as you are doing. It is my prayer for thee that a decree be issued that thou art a free spirit.  The tangible evidence of your good work; of what you have done for me, is that I recently met the Love of my Life."


Vancouver, CA