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Answers to some of your questions.



This is an evolving page of tools for those enrolled in the course, as it now includes free downloadable pages of the Creating Forward Workbook before its publication.


In Step 1 of Creating Forward, being present

in your body while maintaining flexibility is important. 


Your free copy of the 1st Step Workbook can be downloaded

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 Move along with Kirstyn Lazur here to

assist with this 1st step in presence & flexibility.


In Step 2 of Creating Forward we are finding

the source of our inspiration through stillness. 


Our inner guidance can sometimes be overshadowed by

emotions; yet, the source of our inspiration is 100%

supported by the Universe. Try this meditation from

the book Elephants Never Lie, inspired by Elizabeth

Gilbert's Eat, Pray Love if you're not feeling supported

on your path.


In Step 3 of Creating Forward, we become aware of unconscious programs that control us and take action from out deepest desires instead of from the program. 


The video to the right is one of the assignments for Step 3. 




 Answers to some of your questions:


What is the difference between enrolling in the course and purchasing the course?




Purchase of the full course on CD along with Book 1 & the Workbook will be available in the autumn of 2020. With purchase, you obviously get to keep the course and also take it in any way that you choose.

Enrolling in the course allows for the flow as the course was intended, with

approximately 2 lessons per month for 7 months. Enrollment helps keep you on track

and does not allow you to go back to previous lessons. This keeps the movement

onward and upward, and is the recommended method of taking the course.



Do I need to have everything completed with one step before moving to the next step?


It is highly recommended that you feel a since of completion with one step before moving to the next. This does not mean that you have a since of perfection with one step or a huge awakening before moving on; it simply means that you feel that you've made a shift with that dimension of your being

to a degree that you feel satisfied.


The assignments (very easy & quick) need to be completed before moving to the next step.

Whatever makes you feel lighter and/or expanded is what you are looking for. Then, it will find

you and will establish itself in your life in a much easier way than previously. These are typically simple shifts in consciousness that feel gently freeing and after the course is complete, you can naturally go through these shifts on your own, as your consciousness is reminded of your natural, free state. Therefore, it's not a perfectly completed step that you need.